Rosa Ann THOMSON ne Moody (General)

by normanelkins @, Friday, April 13, 2012, 15:15 (2975 days ago) @ cjk136

To all my now friends and advisors. I think we can put an end to the story, a story that has many twists for me. Today I realised that a transcription limitation on Free BMD had resulted in my searches missing the death at DARTFORD of a ROS_ Ann Thomson aged 33, Third quarter of 1901 Vol 2a Page 321. Looking at the original document it clearly states ROSA ANNE THOMSON. So my uncharitable thoughts of bigamy by husband Henry Thomson were unfounded. Henry's second marriage to unmarried mother Isabella in 1910 is another story. Henry who claimed to be 46 at his marriage was at least 56 while his bride was 22 with a 5 yearold son. Moving on to the 1911 census (6 April 1911) we find Henry in Gloucester Royal, wife Isabella living at Bristol with mother and son( Isabella calling herself a married Thomson with son staying with his birth name) and Henry's two daughters keeping house for father at Newent. I found today that Henry died at Newent 6 December 1911. Now a final and unexplained twist, on June 7th 1911 (2 months after the census) Isabella had her 5 year old son christened at Bristol using his birth name and naming herself as unmarried. The son and his descendants call themselves THOMSON (without a P) Finally both Henrys daughters emigrated to Canada (Quebec) in the middle of 1912 and so far there are no signs of a Will for Henry.

Many thanks to everyone for their help and interest.

Norman Elkins

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