Rosa Ann Thomson ne Moody c 1867 Did she Die? (General)

by KarenBaldwin, Tuesday, August 13, 2019, 14:45 (199 days ago) @ NElkins

Hi Norm
Sorry that I hadn’t registered on the form and you had no way of contacting me. The age of my grandmother shocked us when we learned she was born in 1888 not as we thought in 1898. My mother Vera Annie born in 1930 always felt her mother was an older parent but again believed her birth year to be 1898. In my mother’s later years she was was quite curious to find out information about her maternal grandmother Rosa Moody.

Winifred Violet and her sister Vera Poppy were very close their entire lives. They both married Canadian men and each had 1 child. Vera Annie had 3 daughters - Karen Ann (1955) Laurie Jane (1958) and Claudia Diane (1966). Karen and Laurie both Live in the Toronto area and Claudia in the Cincinnati Ohio area.

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