Rosa Ann THOMSON ne Moody (General)

by juliet seal @, Tuesday, April 17, 2012, 03:13 (3010 days ago) @ normanelkins

Hello again Norman,

Sorry but I don't know if there was a tenancy or if his father owned the property (Southends). His Father, also named Henry, had Southends from abt 1891 - farmer, and he died there in 1900. Henry's Father, also Henry, had two marriages, and he was from his Father's second marriage.
I can't find my copy of the Will at present - sorry - but will keep looking through the tons of paper work I have. He died in the presence of Violet Winifred Daughter. Henry born 1809, he had 7 siblings.
Of Rosa Ann - there is a death recorded of a Rosa Thomson in Hambeldon Surrey - but don't know if this is 'the Rosa'?
Henry reads as though he was a 'naughty boy'!!
Kind regards, Juliet

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