Rosa Ann THOMSON ne Moody (General)

by normanelkins @, Sunday, April 15, 2012, 09:00 (3005 days ago) @ juliet seal

Thanks for your reply and also the probate information on the Henry Thompson Thread.
Iam working with a friend who is the grandchild of Henry Thomson's second wife Isabella Bowle.
You say you are of the Thomson family and have links to Southend,Newent. Do you mean the Thomson's went to Southend?
I obviously missed the Will and would be interested to get a copy from where it is deposited.
All the signs are that Isabella was estranged from Henry at the time of his death, so who he left £17 to would be interesting. Was Southend a Tenancy and not owned by the family?
Winifred married in 1928 in Canada and Vera is not known about.
Norman Elkins

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