WINDE, Nathaniel (c1714) married Elizabeth JAMES 1740 (Parish Records)

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Gloucestershire Marriage Allegations 1637-1837 and Marriage Bonds 1730-1823 (under Resources on this website)

two entries for Nathaniel WINDE

Record ID: 40728

24 June 1740

Nathaniel WINDE - aged 24 (c1716) - Bachelor, residence: Tiddenham

Elizabeth JAMES - aged 21, Spinster - City of Gloucester

Marriage by: Licence

He signs

event type: Marriage Allegation

Memoranda: Sworn before Edw Niccolls

Transcriber's Notes: To marry at St Mary de Crypt

--- St Mary de Crypt is in Gloucester ----

Record ID: 55657

24 June 1740

Nathaniel WINDE - Yeoman, residence: Tiddenham

Elizabeth JAMES

Marriage by Bond

He signs

Witness 1: James WATKINS a Carpenter of the City of Glouceter

Sealed and Delivered in the presence of: Tho BRANCH

Event type: Marriage Bond

Memoranda: The groom and James WATKINS are bound in the sum of £500. To marry at St Mary de Crypt.


Men in Armour for Gloucestershire 1608

Does list a few: WYNDE/WYND/WIND/WINDE in various locations.


By using the Advance Search i.e. Marriages and put in WILD in the witness box

e.g. (there are a few of them including)


27 February 1775 - Matthew KEARE married Anne TAYLER

second witness was: Nath(anie)l WINDE


Samuel POWELL - married Elizabeth JAMES - 12 November 1780 again at Tidenham and Witness 1 was Nath(anie)l WINDE

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