WINDE, Nathaniel (c1714) married Elizabeth JOANES 1740 (Parish Records)

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Gloucestershire Marriage Allegations 1637-1837 and Marriage Bonds 1730-1823 (under Resources on this website)

two entries for Nathaniel WINDE

Record ID: 40728

24 June 1740

Nathaniel WINDE - aged 24 (c1716) - Bachelor, residence: Tiddenham

Elizabeth JOANES - aged 21, Spinster - City of Gloucester

Marriage by: Licence

Post amended to show JOANES not JAMES. Those Jones get everywhere... ;-)

Their child ?

Record_ID: 261214
Year: 1747
Month: Aug
Day: 1
Parents_Surname: WINDE
Child_Forenames: Elizabeth
Fathers_Forenames: Nathaniel
Event: Baptism
Memoranda: daughter of
Notes: Nath extended to Nathaniel
Register_Reference: P333/1 IN 1/1
Parish_Chapel: Tidenham
Soundex: W530

Tidenham PRs also show a 1743 Baptism for an Elizabeth WIND to John WIND, and a 1793 Burial for an Elizabeth WIND.

Listing ALL this site's Baptisms at Tidenham to father Nathaniel, it looks like they show two separate families, namely;

1741 WIND John Nathaniell Baptism Tidenham
1742 WIND Nathaniell Nathaniell Baptism Tidenham
1744 WINDE John Nathaniell Baptism Tidenham
1745 WINDE Richard Nathaniel Baptism Tidenham
1747 WINDE Elizabeth Nathaniel Baptism Tidenham
1750 WIND William Nathaniel Baptism Tidenham
1751 WIND Ann Nathaniell Baptism Tidenham
1754 WIND Jane Nathaniel Baptism Tidenham
1760 WIND Thomas Nathanell Baptism Tidenham

Given that Nathaniel Sr b1714 married Elizabeth JOANES in 1740, the above look to be his. This matches Nicki's post "Nathaniel died in July 1785 in Tidenham. He had 9 children".

----------- After a 10 YEAR GAP, suggesting different parents -----------

1770 WIND Mary Nathaniel Susanna Baptism Tidenham
1773 WINDE Richard Nathaniel Susannah Baptism Tidenham
1775 WIND Hester Nathaniel Susanna Baptism Tidenham
1784 WIND Joseph Nathaniel Susan Baptism Tidenham
1790 WINDE Nathaniel Nathaniel Susan Baptism Tidenham
1798 WIND James Nathaniel Susannah Baptism Tidenham

Nathaniel Jr b1742 married Susan BEVAN in 1769, these look to be their family.

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