WINDE, Nathaniel (c1714) married Elizabeth JAMES 1740 (Parish Records)

by NickiGeni, Wednesday, September 07, 2016, 19:47 (2876 days ago) @ Jefff

Hello Jeff,
OK, yes, the Wind(e)(s) and maybe even Window(!) gets to be a bit much. My forefathers were mostly illiterate from what I've seen in marriage records (signing with an "x"). The name is spelled all sorts of ways, as I've mentioned. Our tree starts with Richard Wind and his wife Jane Perkins (my 6th ggparents). I don't know anything before that time, and it gets tricky with all the name variations. Our family thought for a long time that the Wind -> Wynes side came from Wales, while close, there's no evidence of that yet.

My 5th GGpa Nathaniel's baptism has come up as 22 Aug 1743. But, one finds that too, different dates can be in records. I will use the resources that you and MPG have listed for me.

Well, great work listing all the kids, Jeff. Yes, the offspring lists look accurate.

BTW, is there a way to post images without using a link?

Thank you again, Nicki :)

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