Thomas NASH born in 1700s and his descendants (General)

by Clements Tump @, Lowestoft, Thursday, March 08, 2018, 14:40 (1613 days ago)

I am trying to fill some gaps in my NASH ancestry. So far i have:

Thomas NASH (birth date unknown, no baptism on FoD) married Anne HARPER (bapt Newland 1742, dtr of William & Elizabeth) at Newland in 1768. He died in 1795, buried at Newland. Unable to find death for Anne NASH. Anyone have any birth/baptism details for Thomas NASH/death details for Anne NASH? I have only identified one offspring. Where there others?
Their son Richard NASH (bapt Newland 1774) married Mary JAMES (b c1783, but 3 baptisms Bream/Newland 1782-5 so unable to identify parents - any ideas?) at Newland 1809. Mary NASH d1854 buried at Newland, Richard NASH d1864 buried at Newland. They had several children but I have only identified a son:
James NASH of Clements End (bapt Bream 1815) married Mary JONES of Clements (baptism Bream 1817) at St Briavels in 1838. Apparently she had inherited Clements Tump, and divided it up over time.
Apparently they had 10 children. Mary NASH d1879 buried at Bream. James NASH d1887 buried at Bream.
- Sarah NASH b1838 married William BAKER b1846 in 1868 (GRO)
- William NASH b1840 married Eliza HORE b1840 at Clearwell n 1862 (FoD)
- Thirza NASH b1843 no baptism on FoD, never married, d1925 buried at Bream (also spelt Therza and Thurza)
- Peter NASH b1845 d1862, buried at Bream
- James Jones NASH b1847. I understand he married Mary TAYLOR (no birth/baptism details) in 1879. Anyone any more details.
- Mary NASH b1850 bapt Clearwell, married George LEWIS b1849 bapt Parkend, at Bream in 1873. Mary LEWIS d1912 buried at Bream, George LEWIS d1923, no burial on FoD.
- Richard NASH b1853 no baptism on FoD married Elizabeth NASH b1854 bapt Clearwell, dtr of John & Elizabeth (Richard and Elizabeth were distantly related) at Bream in 1873. Richard NASH kept the Miners Rest Inn, d1907 buried at Bream Elizabeth NASH d1928 buried at Bream
- Tom NASH b1855 bapt Parkend married Elizabeth ARCHER b1854 (Higham, Suffolk) in Edmonton, Middlesex in 1881. He served in the Metropolitan Police from the 1880s to about 1903. After his police retirement he returned to the Forest, building a house in one of the plots divided earlier by his mother. They had 7 children, the youngest being Muriel Dorothea NASH (who was my grandmother), having married Cyril Egbert MORGAN of Whitecroft in 1920. Both Tom NASH and Elizabeth NASH died in 1919, both buried at Bream
- Adelaide NASH b1856 (the 1856 baptism for Adelaide NASH on FOD has different parents), possibly dying in 1916. I do not think she married and I believe she was also known as Polly. Anybody got any other details?
- Arthur NASH b1857 bapt Parkend. I have no details if married, if there were any children, or when he died.
I would be very grateful if anyone could fill some gaps, or go back any further.

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