Thomas NASH born in 1700s and his descendants (General)

by Matthewtanash, Friday, March 09, 2018, 05:44 (1613 days ago) @ Clements Tump

A group of extended Nash cousins around the world has been tracing these Nashes for the past 12 or so years (though we’ve been less active over the past few years, mainly due to other demands on my time, including fatherhood!). We have a forum on Yahoo groups at

We have run into challenges connecting the dots between the various Nashes born in the 1770s and their ancestors. I believe that you may be mixing up two Richard Nashes, one born c1774 and one born c1779.

You mentioned the former, Richard NASH (b 1774), son of Thomas NASH (b c1748 d 1795?) and Ann HARPER. However, we believe that Mary JAMES (b c1783 d 1854) married not that Richard but Richard Nash (b c1779 d 1864), the son of Richard NASH (b c1746) and Mary HARRISON (b c1749), who were themselves married 28-Sep-1767 in Newland.

This Richard NASH (b c1779) and his brothers Thomas (b c1772, d 21-Jun-1825), John (b c1775 d1855, my 4xGgrandfather), Samuel (b ???) and many of their descendants were Freeminers, many of whom worked in Old Sling Pit iron mine and others nearby over several generations.

We believe that Richard NASH (b c1779) and Mary JAMES (b c1783) had a number of offspring, including:

I have traced the descendants of some of these, but have focused mainly on the descendants of my 4xG-grandfather John (b c1775 d 1855)

Further, we believe that the Richard Nash you mentioned (bapt Newland 1774) actually married Elizabeth WINTLE (m. 11-Dec-1806). If memory serves me correctly, that Richard Nash was a baker in Coleford. This Richard died in 1829, not in 1864. I have not traced their descendants, though I probably should in order to keep my Nashes straight!

A group of us got together for a family reunion at the Miners Arms in Sling while I was visiting the Forest of Dean back in 2009 (I live in North Carolina in the US).

Perhaps if you join us on the Yahoo group—and if I can commit the time to get it fired up again—some of our other cousins can help fill in the blanks!

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