WW1 Soldier P.J. HERBERT, "of" Cinderford, Medal sale. (General)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Saturday, June 08, 2019, 21:07 (836 days ago)

Now on EBay is a Victory medal for WW1 soldier Corporal P.J.HERBERT of Cinderford.
I'm posting in the hope it will find it's way to the best possible new home, hopefully Herbert's descendants, or a local collector. I'm sorry it's a tight timescale before the auction ends on Monday afternoon. Please be assured I'm not in any way linked to the seller or the family, I don't stand to benefit in any way from this auction, I won't be bidding.

The medal listing here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/372681338861?ul_noapp=true

The seller tells me his service papers are on Ancestry, and state;

Born Cinderford
Full name Philip John Herbert
Baptised Bream St James 29/3/1877, birth registered Forest of Dean
Buried Tutshill St Luke 9/5/1927


I cannot find him in the prior posts on this forum.

I don't currently have an Ancestry sub but using FamilySearch, FreeBMD and this site's PRs have found the following records.

Record_ID: 43038
Entry_Number: 321
Year: 1877
Month: Mar
Day: 28
Parents_Surname: HERBERT
Child_Forenames: Philip John
Fathers_Forenames: Thomas
Mothers_Forenames: Ellen
Residence: Breams Eaves
Occupation: Miner
Officiating_Minister: J F Gosling
Event: Baptism
Memoranda: Sponsers Thos Herbert Ellen Herbert
Register_Reference: P57 IN 1/4
Page_Number: 41
Parish_Chapel: Bream
Soundex: H616

Record_ID: 359465
Entry_Number: 464
Year: 1927
Month: May
Day: 9
Surname: HERBERT
Forenames: Philip John
Residence: Chepstow + District Hospital
Age_at_death: 50
Officiating_Minister: C.H.Vincent-Brown
Event: Burial
Register_Reference: P333/2 IN 1/3
Page_No: 58
Parish_Chapel: Tutshill
Soundex: H616

Searching probable parents' marriage gives;

Surname First name(s) District Vol Page
Marriages Jun 1870 (>99%)
Davis Ellen Monmouth 11a 65
Herbert Thomas Monmouth 11a 65

Marriage Details
Groom Surname Groom Forename Bride Surname Bride Forename District Parish Building Year Register Entry
HERBERT Thomas DAVIS Ellen Forest of Dean Monmouth Register Office 1870 7 135

Record_ID: 43039
Year: 1870
Month: May
Day: 4
Grooms_Surname: HERBERT
Grooms_Forenames: Thomas
Brides_Surname: DAVIS
Brides_Forenames: Ellen
Brides_Residence: Bream
Event: Marriage
Notes: any abbreviated forenames have been expanded to the full name
Register_Reference: D5533 1/1
Page_Number: 99
Parish_Chapel: Coleford Congregational
Soundex_Groom: H616
Soundex_Bride: D120


1881 East Dean, Gloucestershire, England
Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
Thomas Herbert Head M 37 Iron miner. Brockweir, Gloucestershire, England
Ellen Herbert Wife F 29 Bream, Gloucestershire, England
Sarah E Herbert Daughter F Scholar. 10 Bream, Gloucestershire, England
Edith Herbert Daughter F Scholar. 8 Bream, Gloucestershire, England
Annie Herbert Daughter F Scholar. 6 Bream, Gloucestershire, England
John Herbert Son M 4 Scholar. Bream, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Herbert Son M 2 Cinderford, Gloucestershire, England

1891 East Dean, Gloucestershire, England
Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
Thomas Herbert Head M 47 Iron Miner. Gloucestershire, England
Ellen Herbert Wife F 40 Gloucestershire, England
John Herbert Son M 14 Iron Miner. Gloucestershire, England
Tom Herbert Son M 12 Scholar. Gloucestershire, England
Isaac Herbert Son M 10 Gloucestershire, England
Amy Herbert Daughter F 6 Cinderford, Gloucestershire, England
Norah Herbert Daughter F 5 Gloucestershire, England
Maud Herbert Daughter F 3 Gloucestershire, England

1901 Atherton, Leigh, Lancashire, England
Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
Thos H Darby Head M 31 INSURANCE AGENT. Bream, Gloucestershire
Ellen Darby Wife F 31 Brown Ash, Herefordshire
Eva Darby Daughter F 8 Atherton, Lancashire
Alice Darby Daughter F 6 Atherton, Lancashire
Ellen Darby Daughter F 0 Atherton, Lancashire
Philip Jno Herbert Boarder M 24 CONFECTIONER. Bream, Gloucestershire

(Could Brown Ash = Bromsash, near Ross ?)

Name Philip John Herbert
Event Type Marriage
Event Place Leigh, Lancashire, England
Registration Quarter Apr-May-Jun
Registration Year 1901
Volume 8C
Page 455
Affiliate Line Number 130
Possible Spouse Mary Cottam

1911 Atherton, Lancashire, England
Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
Philip Herbert Head M 34 MOTOR-MAN ON TRAM CAR, STH LANCS TRAM CO. Forest Of Dean, Gloucestershire
Mary Herbert Wife F 33 St Helens, Lancashire
Ellen Herbert Daughter F 7 Atherton, Lancashire
Philip Herbert Son M 1 Atherton, Lancashire



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