WW1 Soldier George HERBERT, from Brierley nr Drybrook. (General)

by Mike Pinchin @, Bedford, England, Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 20:29 (775 days ago) @ Jefff

c1892 George HERBERT’s Ancestry military records are in generally good condition if badly faded in parts. His attestation date looks to be 10th December 1915 when he gave his age as 23 years 11 months. He was unmarried at the time and gave his next of kin as his mother, Kathleen HERBERT of Brierley near Ruardean. His later marriage details are very faded; it is possible to make out Edith Gertrude but the surname is all but gone. Later on she is recorded as Edith Gertrude HERBERT, his updated next of kin. There is an entry for one child that is also faded but a birth date of 20.2.1917(?) is just about readable.

The records include a copy of the death certificate for Stanley HERBERT. It records the date of death as 22nd December 1918 and the cause of death as “Shock, the result of burns of the neck, face and right arm”. The Gloucester Journal - Saturday 04 January 1919 – contained a report of the inquest and revealed that the burns were caused by his clothing catching fire; sadly another frequent occurrence in those days.

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