Arthur George HERBERT, born c1868 Brierley, help please. (General)

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if anyone can work out who is the father of (Arthur) George (Junior) Herbert born Brierley (so near Ruardean Hill & Drybrook East Dean c1868 then PLEASE tell me, thanks.

Despite finding several records of him in the Census' etc, as per the previous posts, unless I'm missing the obvious (quite possible) then I'm struggling with this, and that's even after drawing the various trees out on paper !.

In theory (I think) his father will be the son of George b1821, but who is that son ???



To recap, I believe the following records relate to him;

Record_ID: 324945
Entry_Number: 6901
Year: 1920
Month: Jun
Day: 15
Surname: HERBERT
Forenames: Arthur George
Residence: Brierly
Age_at_death: 53 years
Officiating_Minister: Edward Parnell Rector
Event: Burial
Register_Reference: P275 IN 1/14
Page_No: 65
Parish_Chapel: Ruardean
Soundex: H616

So born abt 1867

1901 Holy Trinity, East Dean, Gloucestershire, England
Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
George Herbert Jr Head M 33 Coal Hewer Below Ground. Brierley, Gloucestershire
Catherine Herbert Wife F 33 Staffordshire
George Herbert Grand Father M 80 Living On Own Means. Brierley, Gloucestershire
Alfred Lyshon Son M 14 Coal Loader Below Ground. Hawkwell Row, Gloucestershire
Rose Herbert Daughter F 11 Scholar. Hawkwell Row, Gloucestershire
John Herbert Son M 10 Scholar. Brierley Row, Gloucestershire
George Herbert Son M 9 Scholar. Brierley Row, Gloucestershire
Lily Herbert Daughter F 7 Brierley Row, Gloucestershire
Florrie Herbert Daughter F 3 Brierley Row, Gloucestershire

1891 Holy Trinity, East Dean, Gloucestershire, England
Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
George Herbert Head M 23 Tin plate worker. Gloucestershire, England
Catherine Herbert Wife F 23 Gloucestershire, England
Rosana Herbert Daughter F 1 Gloucestershire, England
John Herbert Son M 0 Gloucestershire, England
Alice Herbert Sister F 13 Brierley, Gloucestershire, England
Elizth Wolridge Visitor F 18 England

Surname First name(s) Age District Vol Page
Marriages Dec 1889
Herbert Arthur George Westbury S. 6a 470
LYSHON Catherine Westbury S. 6a 470
Moore Samuel George Westbury S. 6a 470
TINGLE Jane Westbury S. 6a 470

Marriage Details
Groom Surname Groom Forename Bride Surname Bride Forename District Parish Building Year Register Entry
HERBERT Arthur George LYSHON Catherine Forest of Dean Westbury-on-Severn (FoD) Register Office 1889 9 34

1881 East Dean, Gloucestershire, England
Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
George Herbert Head M 59 Laborer At Colliery. East Dean, Gloucestershire, England
Sophia Herbert Wife F 58 East Dean ((Coleford)), Gloucestershire, England
John Herbert Son M 29 Labourer at tinworks. East Dean, Gloucestershire, England
George Herbert Grand Son M 13 Scholar. East Dean, Gloucestershire, England
Tabithea Whitson Daughter F 32 Married. East Dean, Gloucestershire, England
Florance M Whitson Grand Daughter F 12 East Dean, Gloucestershire, England
Allace Whitson Grand Daughter F 3 East Dean, Gloucestershire, England

But why, if he was Arthur George, why does his Grandfather George confuse things within the household by calling him George and not Arthur ?

1871 East Dean, Gloucestershire, England
Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
Geo Herbert Head M 49 Labourer. East Dean, Gloucestershire
Sophia Herbert Wife F 47 East Dean, Gloucestershire
John Herbert Son M 19 East Dean, Gloucestershire
Pamila Herbert Daughter F 16 East Dean, Gloucestershire
Geo Herbert Grandson M 3 East Dean, Gloucestershire
John Harper Lodger M 19 Labourer. Gloucestershire

Birth Details
Child Surname Child Forename Mother's Former Name Year District Office Register Entry
HERBERT Arthur ----- 1867 Forest of Dean Westbury on Severn, Newnham 28 23

TO ME IT NOW APPEARS LIKELY HIS FATHER IS JOHN BORN c1852, so aged 15/16 at the time ???

(I think...)

So well before John married his first? wife Mary Emily Rivers in 1886, and eventually had son Stanley in 1864 etc.

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