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I also did not see the original message as I was on Christmas Holidays and had a break from the computer to recover my sanity.
How a site like this works in the background is completely foreign to me. I just assumed it was black (or white) magic like all things in the modern digital world.
Perhaps if someone could explain just what is needed to keep the site running, i might be able to help in some way.
I enjoy reading the Forum posts and wish I could contribute in but generally my Ancestors appear to have led boring lives and moved from the FOD in the 19th Century.
Some time ago i put a post on the Forum regarding a possible Ancestor who disappeared from records after his Baptism. The response from members was most helpful with some clues emerging which started me researching in much detail . his and his brothers career in the British Army as well as life thereafter.
This has given me a lot of pleasure and i am presently putting the results in to writing to share with likeminded people if interested.
Sorry but i went off the track for a moment and started rambling. (Like all my research)
I live in Australia so physical contact to help would be hard.

First, in Australia we had the Bushfires, then the floods, then if you can believe it, a national shortage of toilet paper due to panic buying because of the Coronavirus although no one has been able to explain the connection between the two. Now the news about the possible lack of a future for the FOD Family History site.

Sorry again ,getting off message.

Please don't give up everyone.

Sid Toomey.

PS one last thought on the Toilet paper issue, at least the Comedy industry now has enough material to last them a long time.

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