by tinak @, Thursday, March 26, 2020, 15:50 (1539 days ago) @ robryder

I agree with others that it would be a tragedy if this website were to close, and if all the work done over so many years by so many people to put it together were to be lost. It is the most user friendly genealogical website that I have come across. I also agree with Rob Ryder that it would be an obvious fit with the Dean Heritage Centre. Have the current team approached them yet? I know that the Centre is closed at the moment, but presume that the people who run it are working from home and still contactable by email. Now might be the perfect time for them to look into taking over this website, while they do not have the distraction of the Centre being open. I believe that they are digitising their own records, so might be able to add them to this website. It would be good to know if they are approached and how they respond.

Tina Kelly

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