by probinson @, S. Oxon, Sunday, March 08, 2020, 17:53 (1557 days ago) @ admin

It would be useful if Admin responded to the messages posted so far and entered into some sort of dialogue. But I see they haven't logged in to the forum since posting it. Hopefully they are receiving the responses by email.

Having previously created and administered an information website myself, including a forum, I fully appreciate the amount of work involved in running a site like this, but I think there must be a lot more that goes on in the background of this site than the one I maintained. So, maybe this is an opportunity to say I have never been aware of who runs this site or exactly what the Trust does or who are the Trust members. The About Us page is woefully out of date and I've always felt the Trust could be a little more transparent and engaging in what they do.

A good start, I think, would be to tell us who you are. Posting under 'Admin' is not in the least endearing and in fact, I find, a bit stand-offish. Even in this post you refer to yourselves as 'an active team of four' but who are you? Knowing the real people behind this site, humanising it if you like, would, I'm sure, encourage more interest from the users in its operation and possibly more offers of help.

Some information about what the Trust does, besides maintaining this website, or individual member's responsibilities, could also be of interest and help to engage the users with its operation.

But above all else, please tell us more about what it is you need and how others may help so that this incomparable resource can be kept alive.


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