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Hi Peter,
Thank you for your suggestions. We are looking at the possibility of emailing but at the present time have not established for certain if the facility exists within the software behind the site. We are also aware that many have not logged in for some years and you may recall that it was Dave Watkins policy to remove accounts which had not been active for over 2 years. I stopped this practice as it became apparent that some had posted some very useful information and once their accounts are deleted they could not be contacted. If we email everyone we can be certain to get many rejections and there is also a risk of upsetting family of those who have died.
It is possible to separate My Little Forum from the remainder but given the Forum demands the most attention by far there is little benefit in doing so. Joomla Administration can only be accessed by those authorised and has a separate login. In other words if the workload is to be shared this can be done without changing the current setup.
One matter which I did not cover in my Post is Photographs. Dave Watkins used software known as Gallerie which is for Apple Mac and will not run on Windows. I am using the same piece of software which generates the pages in HTML but it is not responsive and therefore the pages do not display well on Smartphones. Furthermore it is no longer supported but the only risk likely would be to the person running the software. To transfer to other software would not be easy as we have few of the original images as they were lost when Dave Watkins died and whilst we have names of contributors we do not have contact details of many.
I hope you find this helpful.


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