Cold Harbour (General)

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British History on line has 3 mentions for the hamlet of Cold Harbour. In 1840 there were approx 5 cottages in the area comprising the hamlet.

In my previous reply regarding William Courts 18 plots of land, he is recorded as being also the occupier of one of them. This information comes from the Gloucestershire Tithe Apportionments data base which can be searched on line. The information on the 18 plots is dated 1840. In the data base each plot, apart from the names of the owner and also occupier there is a description together with the area. There is also a plot number. This number can be used to locate the plot on a Tithe Map.

To find the exact location of each plot, i would suggest purchasing a copy of the Tithe map from Geoff Watkins maps.
I believe the number of the map you would need is 22.
They usually come with a list of the names of owners and tenants.
I have purchased several maps from Geoff and have found him to be most helpful.
Check with him first re the map number to be sure i haven't had a senior's moment and given you the wrong information.

Good hunting

Sid Toomey

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