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I had a look at William (plot 394)and Charles (plot 393), comparing them to Google Street View and Ordnance Survey/Tithe maps Maps. Unfortunately i believe the houses no longer exist and have been replaced by a road leading in to a housing estate behind.
Standing on the High Street looking where they would have been, i believe that the left hand side of the stone building labelled as "The Old Granary" was the boundary and that the Granary building was the left hand side of Teacher Caroline Gardener's (plot 392).
However , across the road, plots 397 and 398, (also owned by William Court) look like they still exist, although modified.
In addition plot 387 looks like the building (footprint)still remains much the same as in the early maps.

Back to the Road leading in to the housing estate, i think this would have been post 1950 as an Ordnance Survey map from that period doesn't show it. You should still have a pretty good chance of locating photographs of the village pre 1960 which might show William and Charles, Houses. Francis Firth website have more than 50 photographs for sale dated around 1950. If you were familiar with the locations in the village you might be able to find some photo's of property owned by William Court. Some of Francis Firth are labelled High Street and also "The Square" which i believe might have been very close to where they lived.

Perhaps some other Forum user who might be more familiar with the area could shed more light.

Good luck.

Sid Toomey

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