Thomas Phipps (Urgent)

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Hereford Times : Saturday 17 January 1857



On Friday one of those brutal exhibitions of fighting took place near a beer-house, known as the Rising Sun, in the parish of Abbenhall, neare Mitcheldean, the antagonists being AARON ROBERTS a quarry man of Hope Mansel, Herefordshire, and THOMAS PHIPPS, of Hedge-Hill, in the township of Eastdean, the first of whom has since died from injuries received.

It appears that on the night in question MR TIMOTY BENNETT, of Mitcheldean, gave his men who are working at his new mine pit, situate at the Plump-Hill, 10s to be spent among them for beer to be had at the Rising Sun, kept by JAMES BARNARD. After they finished their work they went to Barnard's to have the beer. While there a quarrel ensued between the deceased ROBERTS and PHIPPS, who challenged each other to fight, and would have fought in the house had not the landlord prevented them.

After some time they left the house, when a fight instantly ensued, ROBERTS being knocked down on some wood, and when down he received two severe blows from PHIPPS. ROBERTS being knocked down on some wood, and when down he received two severe blows from PHIPPS. ROBERTS, with the assistance of BARNARD, go up, and walked in a fighting attitude towards PHIPPS, from whom whom he received some very severe blows, which knocked hid down; he got up this time, but appeared quite stupid.

PHIPPS then knocked him down the third time, when his head cam in contact with the ground. The blood was then running down from his head, and he lay on the ground apparently dead. He was conveyed to the beer-house, and in about a quarter of an hour recovered, and walked home, with the aid of two men, a distance of three miles.

On the following day he became much worse, and on Friday expired.

On Monday an inquest was held at the Crown Inn, Hope Mansel before H UNDERWOOD, Esq., when a verdict of manslaughter was returned against THOS. PHIPP, who was committed to take his trail at the next Hereford Assizes.

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