Timothy ROBERTS 1824 - 1895 (Urgent)

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1853 ROBERTS Eliza Timothy Jane Drybrook
1856 ROBERTS Patience Turner Timothy Jane Drybrook
1859 ROBERTS Aaron Timothy Jane Drybrook
1859 ROBERTS Moses Timothy Jane Drybrook
1869 ROBERTS Emily Timothy Jane Forest of Dean Bible
1872 ROBERTS Hannah Timothy Jane Drybrook
1872 ROBERTS Milson Timothy Jane Drybrook
1872 ROBERTS Emma Timothy Jane Drybrook

Year: 1875
Month: Oct
Day: 28
Grooms_Surname: ROBERTS
Grooms_Forenames: George
Grooms_Age: Of Full Age
Groom_Condition: Bachelor
Grooms_Occupation: Collier
Grooms_Residence: Ruardean
Grooms_Fathers_Surname: Roberts
Grooms_Fathers_Forenames: Abell
Grooms_Fathers_Occupation: Collier
Brides_Surname: ROBERTS
Brides_Forenames: Patience
Brides_Age: Of Full Age
Brides_Condition: Spinster
Brides_Residence: Ruardean
Brides_Fathers_Surname: Roberts
Brides_Fathers_Forenames: Timothy
Brides_Fathers_Occupation: Collier
Licence_or_Banns: Banns
Signature_or_Mark: He marks she signs
Witness_1: William Walding
Witness_2: Eliza Walding
Officiating_Minister: Wm Penfold
Event: Marriage
Register_Reference: P275 IN 1/10
Page_Number: 71
Parish_Chapel: Ruardean

1881 East Dean - Woodside
Timothy Roberts Head Married Male 57 1824 Coal miner Ruardean Hill, Gloucestershire, England
Jane Roberts Wife Married Female 53 1828 - East Dean, Gloucestershire, England
Milson Roberts Son Single Male 15 1866 Coal miner Ruardean, Gloucestershire, England
Emma Roberts Daughter Single Female 12 1869 Scholar Ruardean, Gloucestershire, England
Charles Goode Lodger Widower Male 33 1848 (coalminer) Gloucestershire, England

Year: 1882
Month: Jun
Day: 24
Surname: ROBERTS
Forenames: Jane
Residence: Bilson (The Purlin[?])
Age_at_death: 53
Officiating_Minister: William Barker Vicar
Event: Burial
Cause_of_death: [not sta
Memoranda: Name is annotated OY Timothy's
Register_Reference: P109 IN 1/12
Page_No: 161
Parish_Chapel: Drybrook

1891 Upper Bilson Cinderford
George Roberts Head Married Male 35 1856 Coalminer East Dean, Gloucestershire, England
Patience Roberts Wife Married Female 35 1856 - East Dean, Gloucestershire, England
Annie Roberts Daughter - Female 4 1887 - Ruardean, Gloucestershire, England
Timothy Roberts Father Widower Male 67 1824 Labourer Drybrook, Gloucestershire, England ( should be father in law)
Charles Goode Boarder Widower Male 40 1851 Labourer -
Annie Matthews Niece - Female 7 1884 - Cinderford, Gloucestershire, England

Year: 1895
Month: May
Day: 28
Surname: ROBERTS
Forenames: Timothy
Residence: Bilson
Age_at_death: 71
Officiating_Minister: A.G. Gregor Curate
Event: Burial
Register_Reference: P109 IN 1/13
Page_No: 94
Parish_Chapel: Drybrook

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