Phebe ROBERTS Hawthorns 1800/1 - 1876 (Urgent)

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There doesn't appear to be anyway I can attach Newspaper Articles to my replies. However, in the Gloucester Journal- 13 August 1870 and using 'Slowhands' census records, there is quite a long article in the Gloucester Journal, Saturday 13 August 1870, headed:

NISI PRIUS COURT, WEDNESDAY, (Before Mr Justice Mellor)

The Court opened at ten O'CLOCK
The following is


Plaintiff's Attornies
Borlase and Robinson

Brain v Roberts

Nature of Action
Carter and Goold

Defendant's Attorneys


This was an action by Mr A J BRAIN, an attorney at Hope Mansell, Herefordshire, against Mrs Phoebe ROBERTS and her son, Timothy ROBERTS, to cover 50l 9s 10d. claimed as principal and interest due on a promissory note.

Mr Powell, Q.C. and Mr J.O. Griffits were counsel for the Plaintiff, and Mr Huddleston Q.C. and Mr James W.C. for the defendant.

The note had been given in payment for a piece of land sold for 50l by the plaintiff to the defendants, but payment was resisted on the ground that the plaintiff had contracted to purchase from the defendants a cottage and another piece of land for 150l of which the 50l was to be considered as part payment, and as the plaintiff, on the ground of some defect of title, refused to complete his purchase, the defendants refused to pay their note.

etc. etc.

It was stated that the leasehold land was held of the Dean and Chapter on lives, one of whom was 92 years of age; and that TIMOTHY ROBERTS mortgaged the land sold by plaintiff, and had allowed judgement to go by default.


Mrs ROBERTS, the other defendant was next examined. She said the plaintiff after he took up the deeds said he would give money for the property, and she replied that she would not then have the land in the Forest, which was a piece of old rubble, for which the would not give 10l. She understood she was to pay the 50l bill for the land.

Upon this answer the Judged interposed, and directed the jury to return a verdict for the plaintiff for 51l 10sl Verdict accordingly.


There seem to be quite a few Newspaper Articles on a Timothy ROBERTS - Collier, Lydbrook, i.e. trespassing in pursuit of game/drunk and disorderly/ assaulting a collier etc.

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