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Missing off your list of Newspapers is

Hereford Journal
Wednesday 1 April 1857 which is over half a column of Herefordshire Assizes - where is stated the witnesses statements and Charles Edward Thompson, surgeon's findings.

Here is part of the article

'externally, there was a contusion of the eye, knee, and back of the head; on an internal examination he found the skull fractured, which was the cause of death, the lungs were healthy.'


Hereford Times, Saturday 28 March 1857

Mr SKINNER for the defence.

'It appeared from the evidence of JAMES BARNES, Landlord of the "Rising Sun" at Abeydore, and numerous other witnesses, that on the 5th January last there was 10s given to be spent in beer at his house;

the deceased ROBERTS acted as Chairman; during the evening he proposed that every many who swore an oath should have a cross made over his head and be fined a quart of beer; one of the first the break the new rule was deceased; the cross was made, and the same was done with others; shortly afterwards deceased swore another oath, and then the prisoner went to make the cross over head of the deceased, saying, :that makes two quarts for you; this this the deceased seems to have objected and further bad language and, although denied by the landlord, it was admitted by others that the deceased was rather fresh and began to be very troublesome, nothing seeming to satisfy him (ALTHOUGH AN OLD MAN) except he could fight the prisoner; he declared he could beat two such...... as the prisoner; the prisoner endeavoured to avoid him by promising to fight him some other day; eventually, the deceased was put out of the house, but got in by another door, and the prisoner went into another room to avoid, GOT HIS VIOLIN, and began to play for the amusement of those present;

Shortly afterwards, the deceased got into this room also, danced before the prisoner, saying he should like to fight him, and drew his stick over the prisoner's fiddle, but he was again put out of the house, and shortly afterwards the prisoner left for home, but on the road he was meet by the deceased, he was seen to rush at the prisoner, who struck at hime and knocked him down, was this repeated a second time, when the deceased lay insensible; he was picked up and carried to the "Rising Sun" and recovered so far, that with assurance he walked home a distance of three miles, still he wanted to fight some one, and was in a dreadful passion; he went to bed, and in three days he died.


So, AARON ROBERTS was the Chairman that day at the Pub and was AN OLD MAN.

THOS PHIPPS, played a Violin and entertained the other customers that night at the Pub.

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