Marrying at Gloucester Cathedral rather than in the FOD (General)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Sunday, February 18, 2024, 20:42 (157 days ago) @ Bradley Tingle

from what you say it seems possible that the couple were both residing in Gloster, so marrying there would make logical good sense, especially if they had no close family back in Newland.
But yes, it's also likely the marriage was away from their/her home parish if they were trying to keep it a private, or even, secret event. This certainly did happen quite a lot in Victorian times, where we can more-easily see if it's an unusual event for the couple in question, if the associated census and baptism records etc show they had indeed married outside their usual area of day to day life.

Do you know where the groom was originally from ? (not Gloucester perhaps ?)

Do you know where they lived before and after the marriage, eg from children's baptism records ?

This knowledge would give clues as to whether they wanted their marriage to be secret, or not.

PS I wonder how common it was in those days for people such as these to marry at the Cathedral, rather than a "normal" Church ? . Even nowadays I believe you have to get special permission, from the Archbishop of Canterbury I think, for this to happen. Unless that is you live within the Cathedral's own parish, the Close. I suspect that in the 1700s this was a rare event only available to the privileged, or perhaps wealthy, but I don't know for sure ??.

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