Littledean Woodside - Joseph TINGLE of Flaxley (General)

by Bradley Tingle, Sunday, February 25, 2024, 21:32 (138 days ago) @ Jefff

Thank you, Jeff. I will investigate the links and appreciate your interest.

Years ago, when on a trip to the area Ian Pope took my cousin and I to the remains of Tingle's Level. It was marked on the 6" Map Gloucester 31NE (1927), 100 yards north of the large radio mast. It lies a quarter of a mile NNW of Edgehills Lodge. It was sold in 1856 (a few years after the death of George Tingle) and again in 1873 and surrendered back to the Crown in 1888. If I recall correctly it was labelled on the map as Pringle's or something similar. I was there again in 2017 with yet another cousin with thanks to David Tuffley who helped us find it.

I love this FOD site for helping us from afar with your local knowledge. I thank all who have responded.

Now to dig further with this extra knowledge.


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