Marrying at Gloucester Cathedral (General)

by Bradley Tingle, Wednesday, February 21, 2024, 17:16 (56 days ago) @ slowhands

Good morning from Western Canada and thank you Jeff and Slowhands. The marriage licence is turning out to be far more interesting than I first thought. I'm surprised by the Bond of 500 GBP in the 1730s. That was perhaps more than a home with a small acreage at the time. The groom, my 5th great-granduncle, James TINGLE was born in Flaxley in 1708 and died in the same area in 1754. I don't think he was a man of means. His will doesn't seem unusual and does name his brothers which was helpful. I don't know much about his bride, Mary MORGAN and did not find her earlier marriage so don't know her maiden name. James refers to his son in law Richard Morgan in his will and I see that a witness to the will was George Morgan. Hints but Morgan was a common surname.

The suggestion to research John JASON, Goldsmith is a good one. I will see if I can find anything that would connect him to James TINGLE in the 1730s.

The Tingles were freeminers and had a small iron ore mine called Tingle's Level but I don't think much more. I have seen a reference to one perhaps being a partner in the Young Collier's Mine but I hadn't narrowed down which Tingle that was or if he was my line.

I was interested with the comment about St Mary de Lode being the parish church. My 3rd great-grandfather (George Tingle) married in 1810 at St. Mary Le Port in Bristol. That was a hard one to find. I suspect they eloped because his bride was pregnant and he was underage.

I'm in the process of writing up my Tingle family research (my mother was a Tingle) as I soon will be in my 9th decade so I need to write it up while I can. I sure appreciate your local knowledge. I've researched in the FOD and GLS in the past but I think my travelling days are over.

Thanks for staying with me on this query.


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