Marrying at Gloucester Cathedral (General)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Wednesday, February 21, 2024, 17:28 (56 days ago) @ slowhands

Hi again S,
many thanks for that, I'm so pleased we do agree on a point that for me was based purely on a modern "gut feeling", rather than your expert knowledge of the period. Sorry again for my dimness, something I seem to be suffering a lot of these days (just ask my family haha).

I've just been reading-up on the interesting history of St Mary de Lode, and yes you are of course correct, it is the local Parish Church being just outside the Cathedral grounds. It's almost as old as the Cathedral itself, being built over Roman / Saxon remains - indeed some think this is the site of the first Christian church in Britain !.
This website states that "at the beginning of the Norman period, when the first stones of today's Cathedral were laid, St. Mary de Lode served as the parish church for the abbey's extensive lands in and around Gloucester. The parish included Tuffley, much of Barton Street and Wotton, and parts of Kingsholm, Longford and Twigworth. Furthermore, the churches of Maisemore, Barnwood, and Upton St. Leonards were subject to St. Mary’s."

All very interesting, thanks and take care sir

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