Taylor (Parish Records)

by cassandra @, Wednesday, November 27, 2019, 12:36 (1692 days ago)

Been bashing at this brick wall for years ...
Ancestor Annie raised a family and died in Cheltenham.
Her marriage certificate (1892) insists her name was Annie Abbott Taylor. She claims her father was Edwin Abbott Taylor - a deceased master carpenter.
In census' of 1901 and 1911 she claims to have been born in Coleford (specifically Whitecliff). She also goes by the name Amy.
I can find no record of any marriage for Edwin and no record of birth/baptism (1869) of Annie (not in Coleford parishes nor Monmouth register)
There is a beautiful scenario of cabinet maker Edwin Taylor being born in Cheltenham (1830) and then moving to Shoreditch, Middlesex - but he didn't have a daughter Annie/Amy around 1869. That scenario also uncovers an elder sister Selina Sarah who married in 1888 also claiming her father as Edwin - deceased cabinet maker.
I can find no census records containing 2 year old Annie in 1871, nor twelve year old Annie in 1881.
A real mystery - if anyone has any ideas?

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