Taylor Part 2 (Parish Records)

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Wow , well done Mike, excellent work !!

Altho you didn't specifically mention it, I'm sure you realise that Edwin's Death in 1877 fits perfectly with his being "deceased" at time of Annie's marriage in 1892.

Interesting how he's disowned his "wife" Esther by 1871 census. I wonder if this gets into the old newspapers ?

I've tried vey hard to add some more records to the above, using various websites, but no luck so far in many ways eg cannot find any marriage for Edwin/Edward & Esther/Ester/Hester. This search not helped by the spelling variations including both surnames... even when using the helpful FamilySearch site.

While unsuccessfully searching for Esther's later movements or death after 1871, I've accidentally found these households which show there was more than one Esther Taylor born in the Whitecliff area in the mid 1830s, so beware while searching for her !

To confirm, these are probably NOT our Esther, I think these are both same families;

1841 Whitecliff, Newland, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom
Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
James Taylor M 40 Gloucestershire
Elizabeth Taylor F 35 Gloucestershire
Emma Taylor F 7 Gloucestershire
Esther Taylor F 4 Gloucestershire
Catherine Bennettle F 65 Gloucestershire

1851 Rock Lane, Newland, Monmouth District, Monmouthshire, Wales.
Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
Betty Taylor Head F 64 Widow. Pauper. Newland, Gloucestershire
Esther Taylor Daughter F 18 At home. Newland, Gloucestershire
Harriett Steele Lodger F 16 Newland, Gloucestershire

(There is a Rock Lane on the southern edge of Coleford, towards Whitecliff.)


Here's another one, who MAY ?? be our Esther ??

Sorry cannot be more specific with the address, but Henry Rooks is described as Major General Justice Of The Peace County Of Monmouth, so probably not hard to find.

1851 Landogo, Monmouthshire, Wales
Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
Henry Willoughby Rooks Head M 67 Landogo, Monmouthshire
Selena Willoughby Rooks Wife F 65 Landogo, Monmouthshire
Caroline Willoughby Rooks Daughter F 29 Landogo, Monmouthshire
Esther Taylor Servant F 20 West Dean, Gloucestershire
Elizabeth Barnes Servant F 23 West Dean, Gloucestershire
Robert Williams Servant M 19 Bishops Lydiard, Somerset


Sorry I couldn't find anything more useful for any of the main characters.

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