Annie/Amy Taylor b1874 Coleford, & Charley VENN, Cheltenham (Parish Records)

by cassandra @, Friday, November 29, 2019, 15:13 (1690 days ago) @ Jefff

Thanks for your continued attention Jefff,

Annie's age - I figure:
1911 census, claims age 37, so born April 1873/March 1874
1901 census, claims age 30, so born April 1870/March 1871
1891 census, claims age 21, so born April 1869/March 1870

Census age claims are notoriously unreliable, but I suspect we can rule out the 1911 claim (she was around 40 I guess - and doesn't like to admit to it!!)
1869 - 1871 is probably closer to it.
Now at 19 October 1892 marriage she admits to age 23. There is no need to inflate her age, being over 21 and with a 26 year old husband, 23 seems about right.
This puts her birth at Nov 1868 - Oct 1869
So I figure it is somewhere between April 1869 and Oct 1869.

Regarding 1871 census (Edwin and Mary). I have seen these before and discounted it, because of the mining. I have always rejected anything to do with mining, because of the carpenter claim. But your suggestion of "woodworker with pit props etc" could have some merit. I think I need to research this with a more open mind and see if there is any ancestry that has Christian name patterns and maybe a maiden name Abbott.


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