Annie/Amy Taylor b1874 Coleford, & Charley VENN, Cheltenham (Parish Records)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Thursday, November 28, 2019, 17:43 (1691 days ago) @ cassandra

Hi again Cass, thanks for clarifying/confirming what you know.
It's also good to know you've clearly done all the right things before asking us.

Yes I agree it's odd regarding the details about her father's name and occupation on the marriage certificate, but as you say there should be a logical explanation for it all. However seeing as he was apparently deceased at the time of her marriage, it was presumably she who gave his details to the minister, so there's still a possibility she has introduced something "new" to his previous history, altho one has to wonder why ?.
Perhaps ??? she was trying to impress her new husband and his family, seeing as they were from "posh" Cheltenham.
I also wonder if there was any significance in it being a Registry office marriage, with none of her family present ?

I must say I'm often suspicious when the word "master" appears against an occupation. In theory it implies a particularly high degree of training and skill in the given trade. Yes, of course sometimes its correct and appropriate, but often people liked to embellish their own titles. I've seen a few cases of men calling themselves "master mason" for example, when in fact they were jobbing bricklayers; which despite being a skill it is not quite the same as someone who might produce carved stonework for a church or cathedral say.
Don't forget that every mine employed carpenters as well as miners, they were very important as the pit props supporting the underground workings and the head gear frame above the shaft were all made from wood. And I suppose if a man was the pit's senior carpenter in charge of other carpenters he might consider himself as a "master carpenter" ?

Re the various census' for Amy / Annie, it sounds like you have found her in other years than the one I found ?.
Do these help narrow down her likely birth year, and if so what is it ?
Ditto father Edwin ?

What's your thoughts on the 1871 census I found, with parents Edwin & Mary ?

Thanks for your help, J

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