Charlotte TOMBLINGS & family, west Coleford area (Parish Records)

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Looking for Edwin's partner Charlotte TOMBLINGs and her children, Thomas bap 1846 and Mary Ann bap 1851 while Charlotte was quite young. Another tricky surname to search due to the number of possible spelling variations, Tomblings, Tamlins, Tumblings etc, but think these records relate to her and her family.

1841 Whitecliff, Newland, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom
Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
Ann Tomblins F 45 Gloucestershire
Tom Smith M 21 Gloucestershire
Ann Smith F 18 Gloucestershire
Charlotte Tomlins F 15 Gloucestershire
Henry Tomlins M 11 Gloucestershire

Guessing Ann is mother of Charlotte & Henry ?.
Suspect Ann's husband was Henry, as per marriage of their (first?) son Henry, below.


Record_ID: 70346
Entry_Number: 345
Year: 1825
Month: Nov
Day: 13
Parents_Surname: TOMBLINS
Child_Forenames: Charlotte
Fathers_Forenames: Henry
Mothers_Forenames: Ann
Residence: Short Standing
Occupation: Collier
Officiating_Minister: T.R. Garnsey Incumbent
Event: Baptism
Register_Reference: P82 IN 1/1
Page_Number: 44
Parish_Chapel: Christchurch
Soundex: T514


Not a rare name locally, but is this our Ann, cannot find her in later census;

Record_ID: 265447
Entry_Number: 2068
Year: 1842
Month: May
Day: 11
Surname: TOMLINS
Forenames: Anne
Residence: Col[e]ford
Age_at_death: Years 46
Officiating_Minister: T[heophilus] Morgan Off[ciaitin]g Minister
Event: Burial
Register_Reference: P227 IN 1/16
Page_No: 259
Parish_Chapel: Newland
Soundex: T545

Record_ID: 392503
Year: 1798
Month: Apr
Day: 8
Parents_Surname: TOMLINS
Child_Forenames: Anne
Fathers_Forenames: George
Mothers_Forenames: Eliz[abe]th
Residence: Berryhill
Event: Baptism
Register_Reference: P227 IN 1/4
Page_Number: 853
Parish_Chapel: Newland
Soundex: T545



Could this be Charlotte's older brother Henry ?, age fits. Is witness Sarah Roberts same as 1861 census below.

Record_ID: 151347
Entry_Number: 37
Year: 1852
Month: Aug
Day: 2
Grooms_Surname: TOMLINS
Grooms_Forenames: Henry
Grooms_Age: 21
Groom_Condition: Bachelor
Grooms_Occupation: Servant
Grooms_Residence: Coleford
Grooms_Fathers_Surname: Tomlins
Grooms_Fathers_Forenames: Henry
Grooms_Fathers_Occupation: Collier
Brides_Surname: VAUGHAN
Brides_Forenames: Ann
Brides_Age: 21
Brides_Condition: Spinster
Brides_Occupation: [not stated]
Brides_Residence: Coleford
Brides_Fathers_Surname: Vaughan
Brides_Fathers_Forenames: William
Brides_Fathers_Occupation: Labourer
Licence_or_Banns: Banns
Signature_or_Mark: Both mark
Witness_1: Henry[?] White
Witness_2: Mark of Sarah Roberts
Officiating_Minister: George Ridout Vicar
Event: Marriage
Register_Reference: P227 IN 1/13
Page_Number: 19
Parish_Chapel: Newland
Soundex_Groom: T545
Soundex_Bride: V250

1861 Stanton Rd, Newland Coleford, Monmouthshire, England
Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
Sarah Roberts Head F 45 Married. Dressmaker. West Dean, Gloucestershire
Thomas Tombling Visitor M 14 At school. Coleford, Gloucestershire
Mary Tombling Visitor F 12 At school. Coleford, Gloucestershire
John Madin Lodger M 50 Ag lab. Ireland

(Stanton = Staunton, west of Newland and Coleford toward Kymin, Monmouth).
Thomas & Mary Ann are Charlotte's children as previous post.

But where's Charlotte now ?. Looks like she's died or moved away, and Sarah's now "adopted" them ?.
Cannot find her anywhere for sure ??? ...

1871 Coleford, Monmouthshire, Wales, United Kingdom
Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
Ann Allen Head F 48 Widowed. Shortstanding, Gloucestershire
Harriet A Bird Niece F 5 Beaufort, Monmouthshire
John Sweeney Lodger M 63 Pedlar. Ireland
Mary Ann Tomlins Niece F 20 Charwoman. Coleford, Gloucestershire
Elizabeth Tomlins Niece F 18 Servant. Coleford, Gloucestershire


Not sure if this household is relevant - seemed likely but I now see not rare names in this locality;


1871 Coleford, Monmouthshire, Wales.
Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
Elizabeth Tomblins Head F 53 Widowed. Coal miner. Monmouth, Monmouthshire
Hubert Tomblins Son M 19 Coal miner. West Dean, Gloucestershire
Henery Tomblins Son M 16 Coal miner. West Dean, Gloucestershire
Albert Tomblins Son M 8 West Dean, Gloucestershire
Salina Tomblins Daughter F 13 West Dean, Gloucestershire
Harriette Gwilliam Lodger F 18 West Dean, Gloucestershire

1881 West Dean (Gloucs), Monmouth District, Monmouthshire, Wales
Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
Elizabeth Tomblings Head F 65 Widow. No occupation. Kymin, Monmouthshire, England
Albert Tomblings Son M 19 Coal miner. Five Acres, Gloucestershire, England
William Tomblings Son M 26 Widower. Coal miner. Five Acres, Gloucestershire, England
Emma Tomblings Grand Daughter F 4 Pontypridd, Glamorganshire, Wales
Elizabeth Tomblings Grand Daughter F 1 Pontypridd, Glamorganshire, Wales

1891 Christchurch, West Dean (Gloucs), Monmouth District, Monmouthshire, Wales
Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
Elizabeth Tomlines Head F 74 Widowed. Monmouthshire, England
Emma Tomlines Granddaughter F 13 Monmouthshire, England
Elizabeth Tomlines Granddaughter F 10 Monmouthshire, England

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