Ann Taylor and Edwin Abbot (Parish Records)

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It would appear that Edwin/Edward Abbott married Charlotte Tomblins in 1848:

Groom Surname Groom Forename Bride Surname Bride Forename District Parish Building Year Register Entry
ABBOTT Edwin TOMBLINS Charlotte Forest of Dean Monmouth Register Office Closed 1848 3 87

and the 1851 Census tells us that he is aged 27, born in Bredon, Worcestershire, married and living alone in Gloucester Road, Coleford. In a neighbouring property are 2 children - Thomas Abbot aged 4 and Mary Abbot aged 2.

Here are the baptisms of the 2 children:

Year: 1846
Month: Sep
Day: 25
Parents_Surname: ABBOTT
Child_Forenames: Thomas
Fathers_Forenames: Edwin
Mothers_Forenames: Charlotte
Mothers_Surname: Bird
Residence: Whitecliff
Occupation: Sweep
Officiating_Minister: J L Sisson DDPerpetual Curate Coleford
Event: Baptism
Memoranda: Singlewoman; illegitimate child
Register_Reference: P 93 IN 1/5
Page_Number: 78
Parish_Chapel: Coleford

Year: 1851
Month: Jan
Day: 11
Parents_Surname: ABBOTT
Child_Forenames: Mary Ann
Fathers_Forenames: Edwin
Mothers_Forenames: Charlotte
Mothers_Surname: Tumblings
Residence: Gloucester Road
Occupation: Chimney Sweep
Officiating_Minister: J Burleigh Colwill Off Min
Event: Baptism
Memoranda: 1) Privately: 2) Illegitimate
Notes: Occupation for Charlotte Tumblings is not stated a double line is drawn in the space
Register_Reference: P 93 IN 1/5
Page_Number: 93
Parish_Chapel: Coleford

What happened to Charlotte I do not know.

The 1861 Census tells us that Edward/Edwin and Esther are living together. He is 36 but place of birth is blank and Esther is 27 and born Coleford. Edward/Edwin's mother in law is given as Elizabeth Taylor and therefore Esther's mother. This baptism is most likely that of Esther:
Year: 1833
Month: May
Day: 5
Parents_Surname: TAYLOR
Child_Forenames: Hester
Fathers_Forenames: Richard
Mothers_Forenames: Elizabeth
Residence: Whitecliff
Occupation: Labourer
Officiating_Minister: Edw[ar]d B. Bagshawe Off[iciatin]g Min[ister]
Event: Baptism
Register_Reference: P227 IN 1/6
Page_Number: 113
Parish_Chapel: Newland

In my post of 28 November I pointed out a birth registration of Ann Taylor in 1867 and with all the information we have now gathered together especially the 1871 Census entry of Esther and children in Monmouth Workhouse I believe this is the birth registration of Ann/Annie. The Workhouse information is probably the most reliable as it would most likely have been gathered from the Parish of Newland which included Coleford.

Our findings tell us that Edwin/Edward Abbot was born c1824 and his trade was Chimney Sweep. This burial also included in my earlier post is therefore a good fit:

Year: 1877
Month: Dec
Day: 18
Surname: ABBOT
Forenames: Edwin
Residence: Chimney Sweep
Age_at_death: 55
Officiating_Minister: William H Mills
Event: Interment
Memoranda: (1) Coleford (2) South Div'n Adults Gr (3) Y 8 (4) Consecrated (5)
Register_Reference: DA25/204/2
Page_No: 22
Parish_Chapel: Coleford Cemetery

The Newspaper report submitted by Mike Pinchin is definitely relevant.


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