Smith's Emigrated to Australia (General)

by Forest Freda, Sunday, October 17, 2021, 17:43 (223 days ago) @ Joanne

Frank married Elizabeth and had 3 daughters Nellie Vera and Jessie Christianna
lived at 71 Scott St Carrington Newcastle NSW.
Frank T Smith Brown died 30/01/1960
Nellie Smith 19/2/1916-2/8/1994 married William Aubrey Kelly 1923-1998 in Islington NSW 1965
I am not sure of Elizabeth's surname.
Not sure if I have the right dates for Vera she died in 1970 or 1979 Nothing on Jessie Christianna.
I may have photographs of Frank Smith's family. Never met any of them. Nellie sent my brother a boomerang!
Nothing on Benjamin or Amos

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