Benjamin SMITH 1876 -1946 Joyford Emigrated to NSW Australia (General)

by Forest Freda, Monday, October 25, 2021, 11:21 (251 days ago) @ sidtoomey01

Dear Sid,
Thank you so much for that! It blows out of the water my identification of a young man in Australian army uniform on a postcard done in Ruskin Studios Perth 'To Jimima & Amos & family from George with love Wishing you all merry exam(sic) Happy New Yearxxxxx The soldier in army fatigues, flat cap and puttees not sure if the Australian Expeditionary Force uniform as Amos and Jimima's son would have been too young! But probably family as card must have been sent back to Jessie Marchant nee Smith in UK!!! He is a handsome fellow in front of a photographer's backdrop sporting a moustache and looking earnestly into the camera!

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