Smith's Emigrated to Australia (General)

by Forest Freda, Thursday, November 25, 2021, 23:00 (219 days ago) @ sidtoomey01

That's wonderful Sid. No I don't have the details of how the Smith brothers my great uncles came to be in Australia. In fact I was surprised they emigrated before the Great War. I think the George Smith is the cousin of Benjamin and I agree with you about his eyes. I did wonder whether he would have been frontline in view of his age so wondered about the sort of role in which he would have been deployed. That doesn't help with the number of Smiths!!!The Newcastle NSW Museum were very helpful and pointed me to a family history society in the Newcastle/Hunter Valley but I haven't heard back yet!
I am a bit fascinated by George as a bit of his character comes to life from the photo and curious spelling!
I am also looking for any trace of Great Uncle Alfred Smith 1889- and Great Aunt Annie Smith 3/1/1885 Benjamin and Ruth Chamberlain Smith's other children. My granny Jessie Smith was the baby so I have her birthday books and postcard albums to work from!! I feel a little careless losing the part of the family that I don't think emigrated...or did they!
I might have a go at posting the photograph of the family matriarch. I think I need to look at how quickly studio photography developed in the Dean area to gauge which lady was depicted!!! I half hope someone else will have a similar copy and can easily identify her!!!

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