Benjamin SMITH 1876 -1946 Joyford Emigrated to NSW Australia (General)

by Forest Freda, Monday, November 15, 2021, 18:49 (230 days ago) @ shepway

Hello! Amelia is my second great grandmother and Benjamin my 3rd Great grandfather, so hello cousin! I have a photo of a matriarch that could be either Amelia Gwilliam (1826-1904) Elizabeth Chamberlain (1812-1886)or Ruth Chamberlain Brown (1854-1931) why oh why no one thought to scribble a name on the back! She appears to be holding a bible, probably dressed in black with a white lace ruffle at her neck secured with a broach. She is sitting in a studio on a pale wooden bench which thinking about it looks a bit modern for Victorian... I would post but I haven't been successful in the past!!

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