Smith's Emigrated to Australia (General)

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Regarding details of the three Smith Brothers Emmigating to Australia see passenger list details below (obtained from Ancestry) which i believe are the Brothers.

(a) The Orient liner R.M.S. "Omrah", Captain J.F. Ruthven, 8291 Tons with 225 * Statute adults sailed from London on 13th October 1899 on a voyage of 56 days via Plymouth, Colombo,Albany,Adelaide, Melbourne and finally Sydney . Other Ports of call were also listed.
Ben Smith age 23 described as a labourer.
Frank Smith age 25 also a labourer.
Some trivia concerning the voyage and passenger list is that on board were 180 NavalRatings returning to Garden Island, Sydney.
Another passenger was a Mr Scott who owned a very successful Drapery store in Hunter Street Newcastle. ( Did he get talking to the Smith brothers and convince them to make their fortunes in Newcastle ??)
on 27th November the ship berthed in Sydney at the Companies wharf on the East Side of Circular Quay.
* The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper reported that there were between "900 & 1,000 souls on board during most of the voyage".
The "Omrah" was the largest Orient line passenger vessel built in the 19th Century. Built in Glasgow, she had her maiden voyage during February 1899.

Sid Toomey

Details of Amos' voyage and possibly George Smith's as well to follow.

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