Pte Henry PARRY - WW1 1888 - 1918 RIP (General)

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Year: 1888
Month: May
Day: 24
Parents_Surname: PARRY
Child_Forenames: Henry
Fathers_Forenames: William
Mothers_Forenames: Julia
Residence: Woodside
Occupation: Brickmaker
Officiating_Minister: C. W. Houlston
Event: Baptism
Memoranda: Born Feb 12 1888
Register_Reference: P85/2IN 1/1
Page_Number: 47
Parish_Chapel: Cinderford St Stephen

Two of Cinderford letter carriers, both
Excellent servants of the Post Office and both
Very much respected citizens were a few weeks
Ago, among the last contingent of worthy
Britishers who made the great sacrifice which
Has brought peace and we believe true liberty
To the world. Two official notifications have
Been received, one by the family and one by
Miss Alice G Lewis of Woodside Street
Of the death of Pte. John Parry, beloved son
of Mrs Parry, St. Johns. No letter having
been received for seven weeks, inquiries were
addressed to the authorities and Miss Lewis
received the following :- “B.E.F. France,8th
Nov 1918, Dear Madam, In reply to you
Letter of the 1st inst., I much regret to inform
You that No 24566 Pte H Parry was killed in
Action on the 29th September last, He was hit
During the recent successful advance in the
Neighbourhood of _________, and died instan
Taneously. I would ask you to please accept
My deepest sympathy with you in your great
Loos Believe me, yours faithfully H H Door
Captain and Adjutant the Queens Own
(Royal West Kent Regiment)”

The deceased soldier who was 30 years of age began his
Working life as a messenger at the Post Office
And was a faithful and good servant well
Respected by the post mistress and staff and by
The public generally. Mrs Cooksey ( the postmistress)
Has expressed her kind sympathy with the
Friends in their loss. He was long closely
Associated the St Johns Church and had
Server in the choir there,and in family life he
Was a devoted son and brother.He joined the
Army on May 15th 1916, and had been twice
To the front, returning the first time after suffering
From trench fever and shellshock and a
Slight wound. His friends will have the kindest
Thoughts of our readers in their time of grief.

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