Doctor John Carter (Inquests)

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I've searched your forum and your inquests but found nothing on this chap... so I started a new topic.

Some time ago, I found a snippet of information on the internet, as below.

Mar 31. On Sunday last JOHN CARTER DOCTOR, endeavouring to catch a salmon fish, nearly opposite Arlingham Worth, in the river Severn, the sands being quick and giving way, forced him into the Channel, where he was drowned, in the sight of many spectators on shore. He has left a wife and three small children. Verdict, Accidental Death.

It was on this website. I hope I'm not breaching any copyright.

I have a John Carter from around that era and at this stage I only have three children for him. Does anyone have access to any old books about Arlingham people or genealogy family trees etc (wishful thinking) that might help me get my ancestors sorted, please?

I have the digital image for my ancestor's marriage in 1787. Where it is supposed to state marital status is states 'Fisherman'. Surely it would state Doctor if indeed he was? But really it should have stated Batchelor or Widower. There were at least 3 chaps by the same name born at Arlingham between 1760 - 1770. There's a few trees on Ancestry and the usual confusion isn't helping my progress. I thought that my John Carter was the son of Giles Carter of Puckpool Farm. But according to one of the family trees on Ancestry Giles's son John married a different woman to the one I have as his wife.

I just googled to ascertain where 'Arlingham Worth' is/was and this link came up in the results. It has the same inquest as aforementioned. It's rather surprising to see an Aussie institution studying inquests that far back in time.

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards,

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