Doctor John Carter (Inquests)

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Hi Peter,
Thanks for your reply. That's a good point to consider. Yes, there are 2 people with the surname 'DOCTOR' on the FoD website.
I checked on Ancestry for the burial of John DOCTOR 1794, nothing! I searched for John Carter as christian names and surname DOCTOR, nothing again. Unfortunately I can't upload a copy of the digital image here as this message system doesn't appear to allow it without a hyperlink.

Here's a copy of the text from Ancestry which doesn't state the surname DOCTOR -

Name: John Carter
Event Type: Burial
Burial Date: 26 Mar 1794
Burial Place: Arlingham, Gloucestershire, England
Parish as it Appears: Arlingham
Register Type: Parish Registers

Surely if his surname was DOCTOR it would not be abbreviated to Dr on the original document? So I'm still inclined to believe that it is his title, not his surname. However, I'd be happy to hear any opinions.
I will try to search the medical registers on Ancestry and FMP to see if he is listed. But they may not have digitised all registers yet.
I've no idea why names were crossed out in Mike's reference.


Doctor is a surname not a title. If you enter doctor as a surname
in FOD parish search you get 2 names.
Hence the "previously crossed out" in Mike Pinchin's message.

Hope this helps,


Peter Preece

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