Doctor John Carter (Inquests)

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Hi Mike,
Thank you very much for your reply. At this stage I have 5 Giles CARTER chaps on my tree. The earliest one I have was baptised 1689. I'm trying to get them sorted. There's a few references on the National Archives. Here's one

This one you provided could be a son or grandson of the Giles CARTER who owned Puckpool Farm. I think the name is weird, it might have previously been called 'Duckpool Farm'. I reckon that all the CARTER folk of Arlingham must be related. Someone has done a lot of research and posted to the genforum site. Here's the link to an avalanche of information!

I really can't see the forest for the trees! I have to ignore the CARTER's every now and then when they start doing my head in!


On Ancestry there is the will of a Giles CARTER, Gentleman, of Arlingham, dated 20th April 1789.
He mentions wife, Anne, eldest son William and other sons Richard, Thomas, Samuel and Giles, but no son, John.

Giles is evidently a man of property and clearly a farmer but he does not give the name of his dwelling. The will was proved 16th May 1792. Value under £1000.

He requires William to provide for his brother, Giles, by giving him bread and board and a weekly sum of five shillings for life. This is forcefully put to the extent that the trustees may seize all or part of his inheritance in order to finance the 5s per week and any arrears.

Also on Ancestry is an application for Administration of the estate of another Giles CARTER,

On 13th March 1792 there appeared a Mary CARTER otherwise DOCTOR seeking administration of the estate of Giles CARTER otherwise DOCTOR of Arlingham, Yeoman, who had lately died intestate. The value of the estate was sworn to be less than £20. The inventory accompanying the will was taken on 13th February 1792 by Henry CARTER and William CARTER but signed by William CARTER and Thomas SPARROW. The total value was £13 13s.

In the following Obligation, William CARTER and Thomas SPARROW, Yeomen, of Arlingham, the administrators, are held in bond in the sum of £100. The original name on the document, now crossed out entirely, was Mary CARTER otherwise DOCTOR, Spinster and niece of Giles CARTER otherwise DOCTOR.

In all cases except one the word “otherwise” is crossed out.

Clearly the Giles in the application for Administration is not the one of the will or (maybe) his son. I don’t quite know how this all fits in but it must have some relevance.

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