Elizabeth HAILE/CARTER/GREEN(A)WAY (Inquests)

by aussie @, Tasmania, Australia, Friday, December 30, 2016, 21:06 (2697 days ago) @ MPGriffiths

Wow, I'm overjoyed with your kindness! Thanks so much.
I've downloaded this marriage, which I didn't know about. On the digital image it looks more like James HALLE. Never-the-less, it does appear to be my Elizabeth nee Hale. There are two pages on the image, 6 marriages and Aaron JAYSUM was a witness at 5 of the 6 events. The marriage above my ancestor's is another Elizabeth CARTER, but she was a spinster.
So I have a lot of GREENAWAY cousins too! Richard the Doctor is new to me. I don't have a clue who he belongs to in the CARTER clan, but eventually will get them all sorted.

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