John/Thomas CARTER Doctor (of Arlingham) + Richard DOCTOR (Inquests)

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If you Search on the National Archives

Google: A2a

There is a number of items including

Date: 12 February 1765

Reference: D2957/20/120

Description: Lease

1. Mary YATE widow of Arlingham

2. John CARTER commonly called John CARTER Doctor, of Arlingham

Tenement called Woolthrope House, with a barn and orchard, ground of Mary FRYER widow on N; ground of John KING on S and E' ground called Spirt on W

Thomas CARTER his father, Mary CARTER, sister of *2)

witnesses: William FRYER and Robert PYRKE **



Fod Records


5 April 1765

Robert PYRKE - Gent of Newnham
Martha FORSTER of Awre

etc etc


By Googling:

Will of : Doctor Carter Giles- Arlingham 1792

Also on A2a

Richard DOCTOR of Arlingham - 1802 - Service record aged 27

? Gloucestershire Marriage Index

Thomas CARTER married Elizabeth STYLES at Arlingham 2 September 1745



Also on National Archives and held at Gloucester

Dated 1658

Various properties in Arlingha.....

agreement between Gyles CARTER yeoman and his brother Henry, weaver.......

etc etc

marriage settlement of Daniel FRYER and Mary CARTER (house called Woolthrope and other properties)....

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