Doctor John Carter (Inquests)

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Hi Todd, Thank you very much for your reply and interesting information. I am into my extension time for a university assignment which was originally due on 10.5.17. I've had a quick look on Ancestry but can't find a public family tree called toddc50. Is it private or has it been removed? I'll write again asap. Kind regards, Aussie

Dr John Carters brother William b1779 Arlingham was my 3*gt grandfather. His son Joseph Denton Carter moved to Tirley Glos in 1840s.Johns5*. Gt grandfaather Was Richard Carter 1594-1656 a physician from Arlingham and for some reason they continued to use the title until the 1840s.I hadnt seen the inquest before I joined this site,what a terrible thing to have happened.Throughout the records they are referrred to as dr,Doctor ,of the physicians etc.Im not sure if you know that Johns gravestone is at Arlingham Church still decipherable and includes other family members.His Grandfather Thomas Carter d1767 is in a nearby vault still decipherable but the rendering wont last much longer.My tree is on Ancestry under Toddc50.As regards the Puckpool Carters I can as yet find no blood link with the Doctor Carters, only a couple of inter marraiges .The earliest Parish Register mention I can see for them is an almost indecipherable entry for 9-4-1620`````?daughter of Richard Carter of Puckpoole.

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