Doctor John Carter (Inquests)

by aussie @, Tasmania, Australia, Saturday, December 31, 2016, 22:24 (2668 days ago) @ Jefff

Hi Jeff,
Cheers for your reply. I didn't say "horror". I'm just finding it overwhelming and confusing because the documentation rarely indicates who a person was related to. Such as the inquest I mentioned, it doesn't give his wife's name. It's very difficult to get the three John CARTER lads sorted when there's such little information available. Yes, I have used google heaps of times and I am a rootschat member. However, my health, studies and other commitments are my priority, so genealogy doesn't always get the attention I'd love to give it. Thanks. I hadn't read that post on rootschat.

Apparently, a chap by the name of Greenway, has put together a book. I discovered this webpage via google too. I've contacted Gloucestershire Live as it's an old article.

FYI I try to go on fact more than thinking! There is a Duckpool House in High Street, Arlingham.


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