Doctor John Carter (Inquests)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Friday, December 30, 2016, 23:55 (2670 days ago) @ aussie

This one you provided could be a son or grandson of the Giles CARTER who owned Puckpool Farm. I think the name is weird, it might have previously been called 'Duckpool Farm'. I reckon that all the CARTER folk of Arlingham must be related. Someone has done a lot of research and posted to the genforum site. Here's the link to an avalanche of information!

I really can't see the forest for the trees! I have to ignore the CARTER's every now and then when they start doing my head in!


Hi Aussie, clearly you've "googled" this quite a lot, so apologies if you've already seen it, but it seems like some Carter researchers on the Rootschat forum are also confused, despite having the advantage over you of living in Arlingham !


"There were Two Main Carter Families In Arlingham, those at Puckpoole and the Carter Doctors so called because they descended from a phisician and for some reason continued to use the title. Both were wealthy but my line of the Doctors were tradesmen by 1800s. Apparently they were not related but members of both sides resembled my Grandfather. Confused ? And me. They probably intermarried. There probably were some Carpenters in the families but Ive not seen one yet.My 3xGt gfather William b1779 was the only Doctor William I can find so yours May well be a Puckpoole one. At times the Doctors lived At Slowwe House,The Malthouse,Skillers House and Addresses at Overton.Henry was almost certainly a Doctor.. How did you know of Wm Carters residence? The many deeds Ive studied dont give much info on resideces. I have been to the Church many times and hope to walk the village again in the summer Thanks for your reply."

Ref Puckpool Farm, I see this address still exists and has been recorded many times in various Directories etc etc. Personally, altho I can see your thinking Aussie, I doubt this was ever Duckpool. Just yet another odd placename.

atb Jeff

PS and regarding all those Carters, your understandable "horror" amuses me, given I've just watched the latest edition of "Who Do You Think You Are ?", and actor Ricky Tomlinson was absolutely overjoyed to see his Scouse ancestors were all "carters" ... by trade.

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