Doctor John Carter (Inquests)

by aussie @, Tasmania, Australia, Monday, January 02, 2017, 04:19 (2725 days ago) @ Jefff

Jeff, no offence intended in my last reply. I came across the name, Pucklechurch, during researching last year. It's also in GLS. No hinderance either. Yes, the avalanche of responses is wonderful for me to refer back to and for future viewers of this site. I'm just sorry that I'm unable to manage keeping up with all the replies to posts. I may have missed some but will endeavour to reply asap.

It seems that you are enjoying your research. I started my research in 1997 before I became aware of my declining health. Old maps, history and geography have become more interesting since I have family to investigate in various places. This 'forummer' is Anglo-Aussie, only born here not native. Just very fortunate to have dual nationality.

I have JONES ancestors from Cambridgeshire, mostly. One JONES ancestor moved to London, as many people's ancestors did. I look forward to tracing them back to their (likely) Welsh roots.
I hope your health improves.
Kind regards,

Thanks for the feedback Aussie, it's always tricky to know what to post but thought it worth posting, especially as other researchers will see this thread in years to come. Sorry to hear you've been suffering health problems, we all sincerely wish you well with that; it was for health reasons that got me into finally looking-up my FH and finding this forum abt 6 years ago, it's been really helpful to me.

Yes, the word "horror" was abit over the top, I thought that when I posted it, but it was meant in jest; like you I've often been submerged in confusing facts (and sometimes fiction) and it can be hard to sort the wood from the trees. In this respect I fully agree it's always best to go on proven facts, which is why I often advise forummers to be wary of online trees. When I wrote "thinking" perhaps I should have written "research", it was just a figure of speech intended to reflect your research, which in my case always involves thinking to some degree.

Yes I can see Duckpool is a likely modern placename, as indeed it could have been long ago, but in this instance the evidence I've seen supports Puckpool(e). I see that Arlingham dates back to Domesday, much older than most of the Forest towns and certainly the one's I know, my main area of interest is engineering industry so def not medieval history as this placename might be. Most old place names seem linked to a person, but perhaps in this case it's mythology too ?
By complete coincidence in October I attended a family wedding at Puckrup Hall near Tewkesbury, didn't give a thought at the time to that name but must now look into it !.
Since schooldays I've been a fan of old maps and associated geography etc and I've long since realised that some of the olde placenames just don't make a lot of "sense" to modern eyes, yet they are what they are (or were, even).

Anyhow, hoping we've been of more help than hindrance, and good luck sorting out your Carters. If it's any consolation, I'm a Jones, the most common surname in the Dean..., and my line weren't too imaginative with their Christian names either ! ;-)

Here's to a Happy and Healthier New Year to you n yours (and all other forummers too of course).

atb Jeff

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