Thomas Edwin BROOKES & Ivy Alexandra Sophia BRAIN (+ MORGAN) (General)

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Assume you have read the marriage transcript on this website

Marriage at

Clearwell : 6 May 1922 (by Licence)

Thomas Edwin BROOKES aged 27 (=c1895)
Bachelor, occupation: School Teacher
residence: Brooklyn House, Clearwell

father: Thomas BROOKES : occupation: Ore Setter

Ivy Alexandra Sophia BRAIN aged 21: Spinster
occupation: Shorthand Typist
residence: 4 George Street, Gloucester
father: James BRAIN, occupation: Hotel Proprietor

both signs

witness 1: Wilfred Samuel MANSFIELD
witness 2: F C Swift
officiating minister: W F Wood: Vicar


again on the records

Baptism at Clearwell: 2 December 1894

Thomas Edwin BROOKS : parents: Thomas (Quarryman) & Alice


William Henry: 29 August 1895 (private baptism) at Clearwell


Checking on Gloucestershirebdm and GRO (mother's maiden name) MORGAN.

Gloucestershirebmd: Thomas BROOKES married Alice Mary MORGAN 1892 : Register Office (March Qtr) Monmouth District

(as the above website is not working the same as usual - not sure what Register Office the marriage took place)

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