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by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Wednesday, February 22, 2017, 19:34 (1267 days ago) @ shepway

Aha, thanks Mike, well spotted sir !. Yes I did search Geoff Sandles' GlosPubs site, and one of his books amongst others, but as you say the Kings Head drew blanks. Didnt think laterally, foolishly !. I see this particular Queen's Head (not the one in Upper Lydbrook) does indeed have a long history, which I should have expected!, it was previously the New Inn aka the Parrot. I think the "New Inn" entry on the GlosPubs site can be mis-read into thinking this New Inn became the better-known Courtfield Arms at Lower Lydbrook, whereas in actual fact that New Inn was a different pub altogether, albeit very close by.

This accidentally proves something I was thinking about when posting to Ed, wrt the old maps site and how placenames change with time. As you know, the Army surveyors creating the O.S. maps were often not familiar with local placenames and dialects, so they would write down what they thought they heard from a local, hence early maps can have errors, and this proves it. Especially if that local was being mischievous as occasionally happened.

Re the Kelly's Directory pages, here's the Lydbrook page

Thanks again Mike, good to know it's not just me with an interest in pubs ;-)

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