Thomas Edwin BROOKES - WW1 Military Appeal Tribunal (General)

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Thomas Edwin Brookes case appears to be one of nearly 30 that were heard at the Gloucestershire Appeal Tribunal held at Lydney on the 24th July 1917.

As written in my forward on these tribunals

"The other detail that is of use for further research is the date of the appeal. The County Appeal Tribunals were reported in detail in the local papers usually a day or so after the Tribunal has been held."

"In the Gloucester Journal dated 17 June 1916 a man was described as a Master Painter & Decorator from Cinderford and then further details reported about why he should not be called up, but the one piece of information they did not report was the man’s name. With the details from this index the man can be identified as Charles Parry of the High St, Cinderford."

The County Appeal Cases heard at Lydney that Thomas was included in were reported in the Gloucester Journal and Gloucester Chronicle on Saturday 28th July 1917.

However reading the article I cannot see Thomas's case written up. Perhaps someone else who has access to the online newspaper archive can see his case. Most of the others men's cases are there and have some helpful details.

Thomas's case was also written up in a County Appeal Chairman's Notebook, which is held at Glos Archives, the catalogue reference is D570/2/19 (Page 23).

These is another mans case on the same page so there may not be much more detail than already transcribed for Thomas (from D570/1/2).

Hope that's of some help


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